ST Nucleo F401RE with the ST BLE Shield problem solution

ST Nucleo & BLE Shield

Using the ST BLE Shield (X-NUCLEO-IDB04A1) with the ST Nucleo F401RE board seems to be very straight forward: you plug the shield into the board, then upload the example program and see how the program runs. Well, it turns out, that it’s not that simple.. So here I would like to share a couple of simple steps which will solve the problem of the BLE shield not working with the F401RE board.
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IoT Edi Hackathon and a Victory for Wastr

IoT Edi Hackathon

The IoT Edi hackathon happened quite some time ago, but finally I decided to sit down and write about it. So, here’s a brief overview of how it went for me and the team.

Finally, after a long time Edinburgh got a hardware hackathon that it deserved. It was organized on 28-29th May, alongside the IoT conference on 29th May. As being the first hardware hackathon in Edinburgh (at least the first one that I’ve heard of) it was quite small, but very fun Continue reading

FumeFan. Save your lungs.


What is up guys.

Last week I had a chance to try out a prototype of the fumeFan.

First thing that pops up in your mind probably is: “What the hell is this fumeFan?” Well, to put it short, fumeFan is a must-have multi-functional device for your workbench. It is a soldering fume extractor, a work lamp, helping hands tool and a project organiser for hobbyists, makers and creators. It’s main purpose is to save your lungs from those pesky soldering fumes while you’re working. Continue reading

DVD-RW teardown

DVD-RW teardown

What is up guys,

Do you have a spare DVD-RW drive that you were looking to throw away? Well, don’t just do it yet. There’s a lot of useful stuff that you can salvage from them. Everyone knows that DVD-RW drives, or any CD drive for that matter, are a good source for cheap laser diodes, but did you know that you can salvage couple of motors and some magnets too? Continue reading