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just having funI am Domantas, currently an Electronics and Electrical Engineering student at the University of Edinburgh. But more importantly, I like to build, create and make things that glow, make noise, or offer some kind of interaction with the world.

I started this website to share what I do with everyone else, and I hope that you will find some useful stuff here.

My solar panelBefore I got hooked by electronics, I loved building things (I still do, but most of them are now somehow electrified), like outdoor climbing walls, sprinkler systems, terrariums, play props and decorations in school, and other.

My first electronics project was a lit-up fountain (with actual running water), which got me really interested. Since then, I’ve built quite a few solar panels (including a 1kW installation on a private house), solar charge controllers, played with LEDs, LED arrays, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other very amusing electronics.

I even tried building boats! Yeah, check out the video of one boat going from the workshop straight to the harbor and into the water:

I also like parties. Parties where I can bring all my blinking things and help people have a great time.

So, if you’re like me and like to build, make and tinker with things, go ahead and check my website, where I’ll be sharing how to’s, tips and whatever else I’ve learnt while building various projects.

If you want to find out a bit more about me in a more professional way, here’s a link to my LinkedIn profile:

One comment to About me

  1. Hey Domantas,

    It’s Scott from the tech startup Scotland group. I have a bit of a problem and really struggling to find anyone that knows about the hardware so hope you can help!

    Basically I’ve half built a prototype product out of a raspberry pi, a modem and a horrific number of wires. I’m looking to trim that down quite substantially and develop a PCB that can be manufactured. I recently bought an Arduino to mess around with and am happy with the capabilities of the board, I just need a few components added and some removed (i.e. the LED’s or components that aren’t being used). The only problem is, I opened the schematics in EAGLE and I damn near fell off my chair – didn’t know where to start. I’m a software guy myself and only recently been playing about with some basic hardware (Arduino/pi’s) but I really could use the help and input of someone that knows hardware/schematics/PCB’s inside out.

    Hope you can help or even point me in someone else’s direction! Let me know if you’re interested in knowing more and I’ll be happy to send you more details about the project and the use for the board.


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