FumeFan. Save your lungs.


What is up guys.

Last week I had a chance to try out a prototype of the fumeFan.

First thing that pops up in your mind probably is: “What the hell is this fumeFan?” Well, to put it short, fumeFan is a must-have multi-functional device for your workbench. It is a soldering fume extractor, a work lamp, helping hands tool and a project organiser for hobbyists, makers and creators. It’s main purpose is to save your lungs from those pesky soldering fumes while you’re working.


So how does it work?

The fumeFan has a carbon activated filter which absorbs the annoying smell and retains the particles in the filter. Other than the carbon filter, the fumeFan boasts lots of other cool features, like:

  • an LED light. So that you could see, what you’re doing.
  • 0% – 100% variable fan speed. If it gets too noisy, or your project parts are getting blown away, you can always reduce the speed,
  • 12VDC (Medi, Max and Max Pro) or 5VDC (Lite) power supplies,
  • helping hands. You know, when you need that extra pair of hands,
  • a magnifier. When the components, or labels are too small to read,
  • a magnet. To hold components in place, while you don’t use them.

If you are soldering as often as I am, you must be really irritated by those fumes going to your nose and eyes. But with the fumeFan it was a real delight. Not only it supplied additional light to see what I’m doing, but I never had to smell the fumes again. Here are a couple of short videos to see the fumeFan in action:

Here’s another video, where I was using the fumeFan to absorb fumes while I was burning plastic with my laser (more on that next time):

So, the remaining question is, how do you get one? Well, you have to hurry up, and support the project on Kickstarter, as the campaign ends soon. Go ahead, click the link below and support the project, because it is cool and it saves your lungs!


Make sure to like them on facebook, and check out their website.

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