ST Nucleo F401RE with the ST BLE Shield problem solution

ST Nucleo & BLE Shield

Using the ST BLE Shield (X-NUCLEO-IDB04A1) with the ST Nucleo F401RE board seems to be very straight forward: you plug the shield into the board, then upload the example program and see how the program runs. Well, it turns out, that it’s not that simple.. So here I would like to share a couple of simple steps which will solve the problem of the BLE shield not working with the F401RE board.
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FumeFan. Save your lungs.


What is up guys.

Last week I had a chance to try out a prototype of the fumeFan.

First thing that pops up in your mind probably is: “What the hell is this fumeFan?” Well, to put it short, fumeFan is a must-have multi-functional device for your workbench. It is a soldering fume extractor, a work lamp, helping hands tool and a project organiser for hobbyists, makers and creators. It’s main purpose is to save your lungs from those pesky soldering fumes while you’re working. Continue reading